Monday, November 12, 2007

Hard at work

Today was our first real work day in Biloxi. John Hilliard, John Van Overbeke and Jim Mayhew went off with a crew to Gulfport to put up roof rafters on a new house for three families. It's a very high, steep and ususual roof. (Think about the roof at Memorial and you'll begin to get the idea.)

Denise Brandl and Mary Upshaw went with a group painting the exterior of a house in Biloxi. This also involves some work on window frames and the like. Phil Haslanger and Howard Cosgrove were working inside a house helping put up interior wall frames. Dave and Linda Michael got lunches ready for our group as well as the 13 or so people from St. Charles, Ill.

We are likely to stay on these jobs all week.

We also met with Shari Prestemon, the executive director at Back Bay. She told us a lot about the current situation in Biloxi and the work of Back Bay. More on that in a future post.

Just know for now that we all feeling like we put in a good day (that means people are feeling tired) and that we celebrated Jim Mayhew's 65th birthday and Howard Cosgrove's 60th birthday this evening. That ... and a game of euchre ... was a great way to end the day.

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  1. Hi All.... a special Happy Birthday to Jim and Howard!

    I hope someone will be taking pictures of the various crews at work to share with us when you return. A special request...A team picture with Shari Prestemon for the Website re. Back Bay Mission.

    Beautiful fall weather this week (the anticipated rain missed us)!

    Shalom.... Ted